Painting Procedures:  

Scope of Work
Work shall consist of surface preparation cleaning, and applying (2) coats of paint(primer and finish) to all exterior coated surfaces.

General Specifications
All work shall be in accordance with the best painting trade safety practices.
All safety devices, instruments, pumps, motors, lightning rods, and nonpaintable surfaces, such as masonry and glass shall be protected from dirt and paint overspray. All protective materials, masking tape, etc. will be removed promptly at completion of painting in that area. The loosened dirt, paint chips, debris, paint cans, dirty solvent and waste materials shall be picked up and removed daily, where such remains would be unsightly or hazardous.

Surface Preparation and Cleaning
All coil coated surfaces to be repainted will be high pressure washed to remove all surface contaminants. High pressure washing (also referred to as "water blasting") shall consist of detergent washing and a clean water rinse, both at a water pressure of 2,000 to 5,000 psi. *(A suggested detergent mixture is: 3 Qts. water, 1/3 cup Tide, 2/3 cup Trisodium phosphate, plus 1 Qt. Clorox Bleach, if mildew is present. Care will be taken to protect shrubs and adjacent areas of the building. Areas requiring additional surface preparation, such as paint peeling an/or rust removal, shall be cleaned by Jet Blasting or power tool cleaning. Jet Blasting is removal of existing paint all the way down to bare metal, using a high pressure water system at 20,000 to 25,000 psi. Power tool cleaning refers to the use of power surface sanders for the removal of corrosive material (rust). The area is then washed to remove any sanding residue.


All cleaning work is done in advance of priming and painting to prevent contamination of surfaces to be painted. No primer or paint shall be applied until all surfaces have been rechecked.

Paint Application

Paints (primer and finish coat) shall be applied only when the temperature of air and substrate is above 50 F. Paints shall be applied by spray, said Contractor assumes full responsibility and liability for any and all damages incurred from paint overspray on automobile and equipment. Contractor shall notify plant rep. when any spraying is to be performed and shall note time and date on calendar for future reference in case of claims. Plant Rep. will be informed ahead of time so that they might make arrangements for different parking for the employees.

Primer Coat
All bare metal surfaces shall receive 1 coat of Primer, applied at 3.5 mils. to achieve a 1.5 mils dry film thickness.

Finish Coat
All primed surfaces shall receive 2 coats of paint to reduce sags and runs. Top coats may vary, according to manufacturer’s specifications.